Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So I'll start off the blog the proper way, talking about my experience with the application for CBYX CIEE.

I applied last year, and made it through the semi-finalist interview, only to be accepted as an alternate. So I ended up spending junior year in the USA.

I ended up reapplying, because I remembered that they had encouraged that. I got one recommendation letter from Freebird, the best teacher I've had as of yet. The other was by my former Spanish teacher, Sra. Howard. After sending in my application, I got the email asking for the interview location, and I thought "I really get another chance? Yay! This time I'll make the best of it!" That's exactly what I did. At the interview I really got to know everyone in the group as best I could, and tried to really be myself. Our entire group hit it off so well, and by the end we were all hoping that we could all just go together. We had already established friendship, which was a really great feeling. In the interview, I answered all the questions, which were the same as the previous year, honestly and I tried to elaborate on anything I could. I talked about what gymnastics means to me, my life in Germany as a child, and a lot of other things. The gymnastics topic must have been interesting, because I was asked about the German Olympic Gymnastics Team, as well as what my favorite event was, etc. Lucky for me, it was a good topic to rave about ;) 

After all of that was over, it was just a matter of waiting.

Then, on our school's Early Release Day on March 13, CIEE called my house. I was out at lunch with friends, so when my dad called to tell me I had gotten a call, they were the first to see my OMG face! I knew that only those who were accepted got called. I rushed home and called back, and that's when they told me I was officially a CBYXer!!!!! You can't even imagine how excited I was.

Here's a picture of the email.

Sorry it's a little weird - the cut and paste thing was a little off.

Anyway, now I'm just working on filling out the second application, to be placed with a host family. I'll be talking to the school counselors today - wish me luck!!

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