Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Thoughts

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to write about today, all I know is that I felt like writing. To me, writing on this blog and filming and editing videos is super therapeutic. I have a bunch of videos I need to put up on Youtube but the WiFi at my house is really bad so I need to find a spot where it won't be interrupted, because that would mean me starting all over again. So that's my newest issue...

Today I have practice but I'm not sure if I can go because that would require getting someone to drive and no one is available. Plus I've been having trouble with my foot a lot lately (the pain went away after a couple of weeks so I didn't think anything of it but after all the walking at Mid-Year it came back) so I wouldn't be able to do much at practice. I just want to be in the gym because it feels like forever...but there's a lot of stuff going on in the background that I just need to deal with and think about. Let's save that story for a rainy day. However, back to foot pains. I'm pretty sure I have a stress fracture (it seems I'm showing the symptoms of it) so I'm not looking to do anything too crazy right now. I just need to go get it checked out by the doctor I think (even though I hate going to the doctor).

Well, other  than's the end of a long, uneventful week. I had to stay home because of sickness and an upset stomach so that was fun (*sarcasm*). I also had to buy a new moisturizer because my other one started burning on my face and making it peel. It wasn't even old - I bought it here in Germany. But my skin has been doing wacky stuff as of late so whatever.

As far as college stuff, I need to finish my financial aid stuff (due the 15th of February) and make sure my American school sends the transcript from 9th-11th grade to my schools of choice. Problem is, nobody is replying to my emails to tell me what is going on soooooooo I have no clue what the deal is. It's stressing me out big-time. :(

Today at school was just plain weird. I kind of felt like I was being given the cold shoulder by, like, everyone. I'm not sure why and I'm sure it was just me feeling that way, but it really kind of sucked. Somehow nobody wanted to talk to me today except for one person (welcome to the very uncertain life of an exchange student...or any teenager for that matter) least that's what it felt like. Oh well, I'm hoping next week will be back to normal.

Also, I really feel like just hopping on a train and going somewhere. This is not related to today's school weirdness. Sometimes I just get Wanderlust...even at home I often felt like I just wanted to keep driving down the highway and see where it took me. Of course that never happened. I always had too much to do. Here I have no car, so the train is the next best thing...but yeah that never seems to happen (so no worries Mom and Dad, I'm here in my little town) and somehow the only places I've traveled a are London and Bonn (for a class trip and Mid-Year).  I want to travel like the other exchange students. I haven't even been shopping since London (beginning of September). Withdrawal.

Well I feel like this post is long enough and filled with too much randomness already, so I'm gonna go.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everyone!

So Mid-Year rolled around, and I realized I only have less than 5 months left here in Germany...


So I decided that once my year is up, I am going to continue blogging. Not about my everyday life (because that will probably just go back to being boring) unless there's something really funny or exciting happening that I really want to share. I haven't decided yet what I want to blog about (could be food, health, beauty/fashion...IDK) but I know I enjoy blogging and writing and I want to continue that.

Here's to what's happening at this moment (or right after I post this blog).

I am revamping my blog. I feel like this year has changed me and I know who I am and what I like way better than I did before. Don't ask me how moving to Germany influenced my personal style, because I don't know the answer to that question. It just did. So I'm making my blog more "me." "Me" is basically the equivalent purple, pink, blue, taupe and cream...and florals, lace, ribbons and pearls. So super girly-girl. Yes, I'm admitting it. But it's in a sophisticated way, not little-girlish. I'm talking classy, vintage and stuff. Kind of French/English-countryside shabby-chic inspired. So yes, I know exactly what my style is. Which is perfect because once I get home I want to revamp my room as well (especially with the new bed and floors, which I'm super excited to see!!). But while I'm in Germany I obviously can't do that. So I started with my computer. My desktop background, Twitter background, and now my blog.

Hope you like it!!

Sick Days

So we went to my host sister's birthday party last night at her house. It was good but after a while I started feeling sick, so Rebekka and I drove home, had some tea, and I went to bed. Also, someone from Mid-Year got me sick...and a bunch of others are getting sick, too. So that's fun.
I'm eating nuts, drinking my favorite green tea with jasmine, and listening to the wonderfully amazing Josh Groban...all while browsing Pinterest. I've also got my lovely cherry kernel pillow (a present from Christmas) nice and warm against my stomach to warm me up.....a good sick-day therapy day.

PS - Yesterday I made my own trail mix (cashews, almonds, walnuts, and raisins)...which means I'm officially German: I made it myself rather than buying it prepackaged.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mid-Year Seminar

So Thursday Adriana and I packed our bags (yes, we procrastinated until the morning of) and headed off to Bocholt to catch our train at 12:30 PM. We got there just after 4pm with a few others from the group and walked to the youth hostel.
There we were greeted by the teamers and all the others who arrived. We ate dinner and then had our first seminar of the weekend :) It was great to sing Fi-Fi-Fo again.
After that we had some free time so a few went out to go see what was open in town (not much on a Thursday evening) was a long walk in the rain. Meanwhile others went to McDonald's and stuff...everyone was just kind of all over the place. At 12 AM we got back and I went to bed.
Waking up the next morning, I ate breakfast a little before 8 AM and then we had seminars for the first half of the day. After lunch we hopped on the train and went to Bonn. We visited the House of History (of Germany) and had a tour lasting 1.5 hours. It was basically everything from WW2 until today, so we already covered most of that in my History LK class...It was really interesting, considering I love history. We were then granted free time. A group of us went off to find food. We ate at this really cool modern place with sandwiches, salads, soups, curries, and smoothies (vegan stuff, tofu, etc.).. Our server happened to be from England, so we got to order in English (not that it's hard in German, but it was cool) and talk to him a little bit. I ordered the most delicious Red Thai Tofu-Curry, leave the rice and add some salad (since I'm off carbs now). It was soooooo good!!! Like, if you haven't been there you need to go. The place was called dean&david so check it out. After that we went and bought me some nuts, visited the church (because who can't help but walk into a beautiful huge cathedral when they see one??) and walked down some lighted street/lawn to a beautiful building at the end to chill. After that we went to a bar and I ate some mozzarella/tomato/basil with Mackenzie. Then we got back on the train and headed home. I basically went straight to bed because I was so tired.
Saturday I once again got up bright and early, got ready, and left for breakfast before my roommates were even awake. I prefer waking up the earliest because I like having some time to myself to get ready without haste. We had seminars and small group, and took a walk to the old inner city (protected by an medieval wall and tower and filled with "Puzzle houses" as we call them in my family). Of course we walked straight into the church there (the medieval stained glass windows were breathtaking) since we only had 15 minutes. Anne said, "It makes me want to never sin again." Very true. When you walked in, there was just this atmosphere inside...I can't describe it but she did, and very accurately as well. After that we had seminars, dinner, performed our skits (I played a shower and sauna door) and went to the bar together. Around 11 PM a few of us sober people walked back in the rain. We got into our PJs and went to the couches to chill and talk...once the drunk ones came and started to sit down and be loud I went to bed (only to be woken up again around 3:30 AM by a very...umm...interesting story being told to my roommates).
Sunday I got up early again, one of the few who woke up without a hangover and went to breakfast. I was so happy to see the kitchen finally cooked something I could eat (aside from tomatoes and cucumber slices). I had those too, but this time with a couple of really yummy eggs. I then packed my bags, and since I had time, I cleaned up the Plenum (candy wrappers, papers, etc.) so that the Teamers wouldn't have to do so much. We then had a seminar, small group time, and lunch. After that we left on the train to go back home. That evening Adriana's boyfriend picked us up and we headed back to Vreden.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Skipping the boring bits and new good habits

I'm just going to skip over the boring stuff like school because really, who cares?

New Year's Resolutions.....??? (Okay not really, since I want to be healthier and I'm determined to keep this up as a lifestyle, not just something that lasts a few weeks like most NYRs)
I started making sure I keep up with my exercise at least 1-1.5 hours every day/every other day plus gymnastics practice, of course.
I started making sure to drink at least 1 large bottle of water a day (1.5 L).
I am limiting the amount of carbs I consume and want to work on completely eliminating sugar from my diet...that means cooking sugar free, low carb meals for myself (since I have control of that two meals a day)
Rather than spending the day on the computer (this year I have successfully cut out TV, but my computer habits are still pretty bad) I would like to spend it doing more productive, mentall engaging activities (working on videos and stuff like that)
If I find any other ways to be healthy, I am determined to give them a try.

Last week I went back to school. The medicine worked and I am bronchitis-free. I started my daily exercise on Wednesday. Friday I went over to my friend's house to help him edit a video for school. He then generously brought me to practice :). Saturday I helped my host sister with her Au Pair application (today her counselor told her it turned out really well). We also went to a Zumba party for 10 was 2 hours long and the money goes to Little Big World, an organization that helps third world countries get the resources they need, like clean drinking water and sufficient food. The profit from the Zumba party will go to help a small village in India (approx. 2,000 people) build a well for clean drinking water. I'll post the link down below. After that we went to have a girls' night at our friend's house. We ate (healthy), sat, and chatted and went home around midnight. This week (Thursday) I will be traveling to a town near Bonn for our Mid-Year Seminar...sadly I'll be missing Anne and Leandra's birthday party on Saturday but seeing everyone from CIEE is going to be great!

Little Big World (yes, the page is in German, but you can use a translator to try to read it, if you want):

Friday, January 10, 2014

Boring ol' me

The last two days have been uneventful:
I've been at home trying to recover from bronchitis, drinking tea, and watching Harry Potter and Audrey Hepburn movies. Today I worked more on college stuff, making sure I sent in the SAT/ACT scores based on what was needed...which was a whole lot of stress. I just finished for the night.
Last night I made the most delicious guilt-free pancakes for dinner:
2 eggs, 1 banana, mix until it forms a batter, and cook like pancakes in a skillet with a little bit of oil or margarine. I topped it off by spreading a little cherry marmalade on them, and it was delicious!!! That recipe is a keeper :D

On a sidenote, I really miss chocolate chips and real brown sugar (the sticky kind)...I want to make chocolate chip cookies sooo badly but those are two ingredients that are difficult, if not impossible, to find here.

Bye people!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cravings from home

The last few days have been uneventful and not worth writing about except for a couple of noteworthy points.

On Sunday, Rebecca got home from visiting her boyfriend. On Monday I went to the doctor and finally got the diagnosis of bronchitis (which I had suspected it was...). I got three antibiotic pills to take once a day for three days. They cost a lot but seem to be working. However my host mother suggested I stay home from school for the week (school started today btw) since we only have three days, to recover and not wear myself out too much. On Tuesday (yesterday) Anne left to go back to Halle for college, but we'll see her again soon because her birthday is in less than three weeks. Also yesterday I watched HP and the Philosopher's Stone and today (AKA right now) I'm watching HP and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter makes me happy. If you know me, you should know that by now ;)

I have also started to compile a list of things I'm craving from back home (US Sushi, any Japanese food in general, Cookout, Salsaritas and any Mexican food in general, Greek food, East Coast Wings, southern fried chicken, creamed corn, baked get the idea). Basically, I love German and Turkish food, but after a while I need some variation. I also miss Rice Crispies, Cheerios, and Revlon. And the sun. And the heat. And my flower dress and maxi skirts (mom, dad, if you're reading this, you know what to send me as soon as spring approaches). Although maxi skirts aren't a big trend here, I've decided I don't care and I'm going to start the trend if I have to, but they are too cute and comfy NOT to wear in the spring/summer. So take that. Hah. Yeah...

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I'm sorry I haven't updated the past few days, I've just had a lot going on.
On the 28th and 29th I was working on finishing up those lovely college applications/Common App Writing Supplement essays...I also had practice on the 29th and on the very last vault of the day I jumped off weird from the springboard and hurt my foot. I'm not sure if I hurt the bone or muscle or tendons or what but I am walking with a limp and it hurts (although it's been better the last couple of days, but that's probably because I've been laying sick in bed and on the couch).
So on the 30th I did more college app stuff....and later I went with Anne to her friend's birthday party at their house. It was pretty chill and I got to meet a few new people as well as people I had met on Christmas Eve. We ended up going home around 12:30 PM and sleeping in.
On the 31st I didn't do much during the day except go shopping for stuff to bring to the NYE party at my friends' house. Around 7 PM I hopped on my bike and headed over...It was really fun! At 11:55 PM we headed out into the cold to count down to the new year. 2014 came and we set off fireworks and it was great. After that we went into the city, where we met up with the guys and walked around and blahblahblah. The night ended up going south when it started raining and my foot began hurting. But I stuck around anyway. Around 3 AM I finally got home, made myself some tea and tried to warm up. I then hopped into bed, texted a couple of friends, and finally went to sleep around 4:30 AM.
Yesterday I did nothing. I was sick. I layed on the couch and drank tea and watched Youtube videos on my laptop. I'm a Youtube addict, so watching videos of all the people I'm subscribed to is very therapeutic and relaxing for me. It always lifts my mood and is the perfect pastime for when I'm not feeling so good. Around 8:30 PM I skyped with the family for an hour and after that I went to sleep.
Today I woke up around 10 AM but didn't have any motivation to get up because I'm still super sick. My host family ended up bringing some more medicine home and just got back (it's 2:10 PM) from shopping in Holland. They let me sleep because they knew I wouldn't be up for it. Around 12 PM I finally got up and brought my laptop and tissues downstairs...I am now drinking tea, writing this blogpost, and watching Youtube videos (because they're awesome)...I just took some medicine so hopefully it will kick in in a little while. Later today I'm supposed to go to the city hall to verify that I now live in Vreden and not Südlohn. I'm not in the mood. I could also really go for one of my mom's backrubs because all of my muscles ache since I'm sick. Blah.

Bye guys!