Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just an update...

We've started receiving more e-mails from CBYX/CIEE for details about departure and yada yada yada.

I also got an e-mail from Julia saying Experiment, e.V. wanted a different headshot. I gave them one that was taken at my friend's 18th birthday, and Julia said it was perfect for what they were looking for. I hope this means they are getting ready to send my secondary application to host families to choose (or however that works, but that's what I've heard they do).

Currently, I'm finishing up 11th grade in IB (so right now I'm in the middle of tests and projects). I have a little over a week left and then I'm done! YAY! I've already taken my IB and AP exams, now it's just the common finals and projects.

I also have two more competitions coming up - State Meet this weekend and Regional Meet next weekend, in Charleston, SC. I'm really excited, I have a really good feeling about these. Wish me luck!

Besides that, I'm basically just waiting to get a host family. Host family, please come soon! I just want to know...(*sad face*).

Yup, that's it!
See you guys later!

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