Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Finale

So this is probably my last post on this blog. I leave very soon...Wow.

Over the last few days I've been enjoying the weather outside with friends. We've gone canoeing and got completely soaked, went to a traditional town party that happens every year, had a summer kickoff party with the neighborhood and grilled for the holiday yesterday. Today I need to finish packing and in the next couple of days I say goodbye to people and head on my way back.

My year went on for what seemed forever but at the same time it went by so quickly. The last few days have been a blur and the end is coming up fast. Everyone has asked me if I'm happy to go home. My answer is "Jain" which means yes and no. Of course I'll be happy to be in my own room, see friends and be with my family and our new dog...but I also have a life here. I have friends that I'll miss dearly and it will be tough readjusting to not seeing them every day. So yes and no, I'm happy but sad but relieved but scared. Everything has is pros and cons and even though this year has been difficult, I wouldn't exchange the experience for anything.

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