Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summary: Last week

Last few days have been a jumbled mess, but long story short:

I helped my friend Katy find a new host family and she stayed with me for 2 days in between. I even got her invited to a party at my school. I also redyed her hair a more reddish/auburn color during one of my free periods.
I started gymnastics again, and have already started new skills - yay! Only thing is, the gym is in a school gym and we have to build up and down the equipment every practice. My new coach coached the national team of Uruguay for 7 years - the only time he went to the USA was for the Pan-Ams for gymnastics...pretty cool.
I got a bike - it's a child girl's bike and red. Everyone refers to it as "cute" and "sweet" because it's so small. I feel midget-y again. I biked 14 km today.
I baked an American-style cheesecake today and my host sister refused to eat it because it was new.
I've now been invited to three huge birthday parties, and have been found by about half the 12th grade on Facebook.
I've been trying to edit videos but with A LOT of difficulty considering Movie Maker keeps crashing and blahblahblah. It's very frustrating.
I'm in shopping withdrawal.
I'm sick of seeing fields of corn everywhere.
I got a book from the library. It's a historical fiction novel called Children of the Fire (in German).
I've been craving chocolate and gum. I haven't had time to go to the store.
I'm dropping a few classes so I won't have to deal with 10 hour days. I've decided not to do Abitur but instead just try to transfer the credits to the US.
I had strep throat the whole last week. Homeopathic doctor....weird methods.
God I'm bored. Fields and I don't mesh. I miss stores and stuff to do.
It's been cold, gray and rainy.
I eat way too much bread but my host family seems to think I don't eat enough of it. What. Trust me, I do.
Tomorrow my host family wants me to start speaking only English with them. Uh.......I thought the whole point of this exchange was for me NOT to do that.

Anyways, that's basically a summary.
Good night!

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