Saturday, October 19, 2013

Whoops, long time.

Soo sorry I haven't posted in a while or put a video up!
My video editor is still acting whacked-out so I'm struggling. Filmed a lot, but no way to put it together. :(

Here's a run-down of everything that's happened:

School is great. I've made friends, gone to a party, etc. I've been doing really well in class. Most of it I've already learned in IB or AP or Honors classes, just this time it's in German. I actually decided not to do the Abitur because I technically don't need it for German university. I then decided I didn't need 3 10-hour days so I took 4 of my 10 classes off the schedule. I'll post a picture below of my schedule...everyone in my grade says it's a dream, although the free periods get really boring if you can't go home and have nothing to do. Oh well, at least there's no stress!
Now we have 2 weeks off for fall break. I still need to decide what to do...hmm...

I'm back into gymnastics for a good month or so now, so yay for that! I have to admit, building the equipment up and down is still really weird for me. I'm so used to having a gym that's there all the time, not training in a school gym. However, I am starting to get a little more used to it...Not to mention somehow a lot of the fears I had before have somehow disappeared with the new environment and I'm trying a lot more stuff, even though we have less mats and less drill-equipment than before. Odd, but good.
We had a competition today so I helped out a little with the sound booth and watched my new team compete. They did really good until bars, where 2 of our 5 fell in their giants. However, we still pulled through and I'm really proud of the girls competing for doing so well!

I turn 18 in a month and 2 days. How weird is that? And since I'm in Germany and 18 here is the "full adulthood age," I'll have reached it before my brother, who turns 21 in America the next day. I think that's the strangest concept of all to grasp: even though I'm nearly 3 years younger, I'll have reached the legal age before my brother. I can just imagine a Lizzie McGuire-type mini-me freaking out about how odd that concept is and how that really shouldn't be possible, but somehow is.

Ever since I've been here I've been starting back into my exercise junkie habits again. Gymnastics, home gym (a Crosser and weight machine and stationary bike), biking, yoga, pilates, videos, yada-yada-yada. I'm also interested in kickboxing but I don't know how to find a class around here. Oh well, hopefully soon!
I'm also trying to ween myself off of the sugar and amazing German chocolate, because as good as it may taste, it's just not good for me. I also plan on telling my host family I can't eat so many carbohydrates. I need to stick to more fruits and veggies and not so much bread because it just doesn't do the job. I feel too sluggish and tired and unhealthy.

This week I haven't been too sick. Some coughing and a bit of a burning throat but not too terrible. I have lost my voice a couple of times. If the throat problem continues I may go see the doctor again, because I already had strep throat while here, so I'm hoping this isn't a reoccurance.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed, so good night!

Each period is 45 min, between every 2 periods there is a 15 min break, and a 1 hour lunch break between 6th and 7th. The 7-10th hour A/B week schedule means that week A I have 2 periods Math and 2 periods Bio and 2 periods Deutsch, but week B I only have 2 periods Deutsch (7th-8th).

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