Friday, November 29, 2013

What I've Learned (so far)

Apparently I'm really bad at keeping up a blog. Oh well, I'm trying.

This month:
I turned 18, I celebrated Thanksgiving on my birthday, I started tutoring kids in English, I saw Catching Fire but had to leave early to catch the bus back, and other than that, it's been fairly average (school, gymnastics, friends). I also started randomly singing Christmas songs while waiting alone for the bus...they just keep popping into my head. I have concluded my movie editor is terrible and yeah. That's that. I'm still trying to film the Vlogs though. Oh, and I'm still waiting for snow.

I decided to write down a few things I've learned in my stay here so far:
1. Real family can't be replaced. Don't take them for granted and always tell them thank you for loving you.
2. You never know who your best friends are until you're separated from them. Best friends don't need to talk every day to be close, but to keep each other in their thoughts and prayers, and always make sure to stay in touch.
3. Being put in new situations is scary, but there's always a way through. You just have to keep trying.
4. If all else fails, cry and hug. It helps.
5. The best German food can't beat a late night run with friends to Cookout or Sheetz.
6. Home is where the heart is. Home is family. Never forget where your real home is.
7. Dubbed-over movies are way worse than subtitles.
8. Mexican food is taken for granted in the USA. Eat it while you have the chance. (I miss it A LOT)
9. Making friends is simple. Figuring out who your real friends are takes time. I'm still doing that here, but I'm starting to figure it out.
10. No matter what, be yourself. Pretending to be someone else for the sake of others has damaging effects.

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  1. thanks for updating your blog my lil niece. and yippee it's in English!