Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm trying!

Hallo Leute!

So I'm really going to try to post more blogs, even if that means just writing a sentence or two every day. I've been really terrible about keeping it up, but I'm trying now!

Also, I am happy to say I got my editor up and running again (thanks, Dad!) so I'll be posting more vlogs and videos on Youtube again. :)

Other than that....not much is going on. I'm charging my camera battery right now so I can make a video...I might do a tag or something. IDK. I've also been working hard on college applications (go me!) because I have about a month to finish them. AHHHH what is this madness? Me? College? I'm getting old.

I was actually supposed to go to a party tonight but I decided I'm not in the mood so I'm going to stay home. Also my Betreuerin is coming over today (I think) so we'll see how that goes.

Here's my Vlog that I finally got to edit, from a few days ago (and don't judge my singing voice, I was goofing off):

Well, I'm off.

Oh PS, here's pictures from my birthday (minus the Thanksgiving food, which hadn't been put on the table yet):

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