Thursday, July 18, 2013

An almost potential

Last week I was in Chiapas, Mexico on a mission trip with Hebron de Desarrollo Tzeltal. We went to Yaxoquintela to help build a church. While I could not do the physical labor because of my still-recovering elbow (I dislocated it during gymnastics practice a few weeks ago), I helped serve as translator (a lot), VBS leader, and helped in the kitchen.

While I was there, I was basically off the grid. No internet, no cell phone, no anything. So on Sunday when I was in the airport in Chicago, right before we were about to leave I borrowed a friend's phone to call my parents and tell them what time our flight was expected to land.

I called and my dad told me that on Wednesday Juliette had sent an email about a potential family, who was really into winter sports (like skiing and winter camping, whatever that is). They were allowing me until the Monday (the day after I got back) to decide if I would be up for having them host me. The request, however, was sent to a couple of other girls. So after thinking about it a little, I decided, "Why not just go for it? Take a chance!" and by mid-day Monday, I called Juliette to let her know I was interested.

Long story short, another girl said yes while I was still in Mexico and the family decided to go with her.

So here I am, exactly 3 weeks before we leave for Washington, DC. No host family. Still waiting.

Hopefully I'll hear soon.

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