Monday, July 29, 2013

Random (Ir)Relevant Rambling

So a few days ago I made my official Youtube channel. I've gotten a few views and a subscriber (of course I'm not expecting anything major for the first few weeks just because it's a slooooooow process, but I really don't care). I've found I actually really like making videos for Youtube. It's fun! Even the editing and all that good stuff.

But I've decided I'm going to make another Youtube channel. For what? VLOGS!! So I can record my random, sometimes boring, sometimes awesome life in the US and in Germany for everyone to see...although I doubt anyone will care. But I guess it'll be kind of like this blog, except in video format. I'll also be posting videos on health and fitness on that channel because I am an exercise junkie. I don't care, I love it!!! (You see what I did there? Hint: Icona Pop)

I've also decided I want to save up for a better camera because the one I have right now is good for pictures but terrible for videos. So I've been doing research and decided if I'm going to save up, I'm going to make it big and save for a DSLR. So my pick? The Canon EOS Rebel t3i. I've seen videos done with this one and the quality is amaaaaazing! It's $599... oh well. I guess I better start saving now.

On another note, I still don't have a host family. And we have like, nine days before we leave. What.

I've already started packing my pink suitcases with clothes and stuff. And I went shopping this weekend to get a couple of basic things for the first month at language camp that will also last me for the year (like the only jeans that come in 00/short - American Eagle).

And then I couldn't resist, so today after practice I went shopping at Target (again)...I bought three new pairs of workout shorts! Black, pastel neon pink, pastel neon tangerine. You guys don't realize how excited I am about that. Like, way too excited.

Today at practice I learned another new leap (the first was switch ring-straddle half). This was the switch straddle jump/leap. So YAY! I've also been working on punch front full layouts (I can get the full into the pit, and about 3/4 full onto a mat), as well as front aerials, which are looking really good! Basically anything I can do that doesn't involve my arms is good. I tried doing a handstand again for the first time about a week ago, and while it was slightly crooked because my elbow isn't completely straightened out (although it's really close), I'd still call it a success.

So all in all I've had a good few days and tomorrow I get to hang out with my best friend before I leave. I haven't seen her since before I went to Mexico because we've both been so busy.

So yeah! Once I make my Vlog channel, I will post the link to the blog. I am not, however, posting the link to my first channel on here because honestly I'd rather have strangers watching it than people I know watching it and judging me. For now, at least, that just kind of makes me uncomfortable. Until I know people actually like my videos, I'll be keeping that one to myself.

I think that's all I'm going to talk about tonight. I think I covered most of my bases. I probably forgot some stuff but whatevs. So, I'm gonna go back to either exercising or watching Youtube videos because I have no life. JK I do. Duhhh I'm alive, so I have a life...just not a particularly interesting one right now.

xoxo Emily

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