Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today in a few words.

So today was VERY eventful!

I uploaded my first ever voice-over video to my beauty channel.
I had lunch with a good friend to catch up and say goodbye before I leave.
I bought a gift for my host family. I really hope they like it!
My family had a family portrait photoshoot done, ironically right next door to where I had eaten lunch.
We came home and ate Abendbrot (a German type of dinner - bread with meats, cheeses, etc.).
Then my parents surprised me with a going away/early birthday/Christmas gift - the ever-coveted Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera!!!!!!!! It's an amazing dSLR :) I couldn't be more excited.
After that I taught my brother a card game I learned while in Mexico, and the whole family played the game. Some people call it Coleslaw, others call it Canadian Salad. IDK, but it's super fun! I'll try to teach my host family :)
After that I went upstairs, began to figure out my awesome new camera... and then continued to pack for a while. Tomorrow all that's left is some clothes that I still need to wash, and my makeup. And camera. And installing the camera software onto my laptop.
And then I checked my email and found an email containing a letter from Kathi, my host sister, and a letter from Anne, my host mom. They attached pictures of their backyard and it's sooooo adorable! They have a coy fish pond, several sitting areas, the cutest shed, etc., etc. I'm really excited to meet them and live there! It's a small town but it's actually really similar to the town I grew up in, before moving to Halle (Saale).

Tomorrow I'll post pics using my camera so everyone can see what I mean by freaking AMAZING.
Now, I'm going to try to get some sleep. Busy day tomorrow.

Good night!

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