Monday, August 26, 2013

Last week of camp, coming up!

So today we started the final week of camp.
I'm super sad because I have to leave the wonderful teachers, teamers, and kids but at the same time I'm really excited because I finally get to meet my host family on Saturday!

We started talking about what it's going to be like with the host families yesterday in the Plenum - fears and expectations and such. Today we talked about knowing personal boundaries and boundaries of convenience. We held an auction of values. We also talked some about communication and seeing the big picture in our small groups.

The biggest event of the day was announcing the new game. This time we only have on target at a time - we received a slip of paper with their name and have to find a way to give them something, where both hands are touching the object at the same time, so that they die by taking it. We've already had several casualties, including Sven, a teamer, who freaked out in the dining hall when he died. It was really funny! I've been offered bottles, apples, a chalkboard, several plants, have been blockaded in a room with a bed in the doorway, have almost been hunted down in my own room, and chased through the halls. At one point I just hid. Several people are terrorizing me and I have no clue who is out to get me. That being said I have already come up with several ways to kill my victim.

Oh what fun this week shall be.

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