Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics: Sochi

So today I'm going to talk about something different. I felt like I needed to just say something to this whole thing so here's my rant:

All over the place I've been hearing bad news about Sochi. I didn't really believe it could be that bad until I saw this piece online titled "#Sochi - Where did the $51 billion go?":

So um...yeah. Let's talk about this.
Most of the hotels are not done, reservations that had been booked months in advance were no where to be found, the water and heating is out after less than a day of use, the rooms are bare and falling apart, the food is NOT the breakfast of champions (although I do give props for at least stating the caloric intake, even if we're not quite sure what the food is), and the outside isn't that great - or safe - either.

I'm sorry but that is super disturbing and unacceptable. Most people staying at these hotels are OLYMPIANS. They've worked their entire lives for this moment, dreamed about it since they were little, went through struggles and injuries and came out to be OLYMPIANS. It should be the moment everyone dreams of. It should be the happiest couple of weeks of their lives. But instead they get to stay at what would be about 1/2 star-rated hotels that should NOT be in operation for personal safety. All they do is think about how miserable it will be living in those horrible conditions while trying to prepare for the biggest moment of their lives.

Sochi had the privilege of being chosen to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is a privilege and should be treated with honor and respect, not carelessness. By being careless, they enraged the world, destroyed their own reputation and crushed the dreams of every Olympian competing there in the upcoming weeks.

To that I will use the popular slang term:

I can't even.

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