Monday, February 3, 2014


So I didn't actually get  around to filming my video yesterday because I ended up reorganizing some stuff in my room and by the time I was done the daylight was gone. I'm gonna try to film a video after I finish this blog post...I'm not even sure what I want to do in the video but I'll figure something out. I'll probably just go look at my handy-dandy idea list.
We also got new class schedules but I wasn't there 5th/6th because I don't have class then, so I left before they made the announcement to go pick them up. I'll just go tomorrow. Hopefully my schedule won't be too messed up. I really like it how it is now. We'll see...
Other than that, it was lovely talking to Samia over Skype even if we were both having some voice issues and even though my internet decided to be lame. At least we got to chat for a little bit.
College stuff is almost done (thank goodness, I'm so over this...). I got another alum interview for UPenn so I need to schedule that.

Well I'm off to (hopefully) film a video.

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