Sunday, February 2, 2014

Brown and Youtube

Yesterday I uploaded a new video to my Vlog channel...Today I'll probably film a video for my beauty channel (finally, it's been forever).
I also had my interview for Brown University yesterday over Skype and it ended up lasting over an hour. I personally think it went really well, so I was excited about that. Then that evening I just hung out with my host sister and a friend from school.
This morning I dealt with more college stuff and then watched Youtube videos.
I'm also trying to schedule a time to help my friend edit a video for that might happen today or sometime later this week.

But yeah, that's basically it. I'll probably end up recording the Super Bowl and watching it later (because it airs at 12:05 AM tonight and I have school in the morning) or I'll watch it at my friend's house if I can't figure out the recording stuff on this TV.


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