Friday, January 31, 2014

Random Thoughts

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to write about today, all I know is that I felt like writing. To me, writing on this blog and filming and editing videos is super therapeutic. I have a bunch of videos I need to put up on Youtube but the WiFi at my house is really bad so I need to find a spot where it won't be interrupted, because that would mean me starting all over again. So that's my newest issue...

Today I have practice but I'm not sure if I can go because that would require getting someone to drive and no one is available. Plus I've been having trouble with my foot a lot lately (the pain went away after a couple of weeks so I didn't think anything of it but after all the walking at Mid-Year it came back) so I wouldn't be able to do much at practice. I just want to be in the gym because it feels like forever...but there's a lot of stuff going on in the background that I just need to deal with and think about. Let's save that story for a rainy day. However, back to foot pains. I'm pretty sure I have a stress fracture (it seems I'm showing the symptoms of it) so I'm not looking to do anything too crazy right now. I just need to go get it checked out by the doctor I think (even though I hate going to the doctor).

Well, other  than's the end of a long, uneventful week. I had to stay home because of sickness and an upset stomach so that was fun (*sarcasm*). I also had to buy a new moisturizer because my other one started burning on my face and making it peel. It wasn't even old - I bought it here in Germany. But my skin has been doing wacky stuff as of late so whatever.

As far as college stuff, I need to finish my financial aid stuff (due the 15th of February) and make sure my American school sends the transcript from 9th-11th grade to my schools of choice. Problem is, nobody is replying to my emails to tell me what is going on soooooooo I have no clue what the deal is. It's stressing me out big-time. :(

Today at school was just plain weird. I kind of felt like I was being given the cold shoulder by, like, everyone. I'm not sure why and I'm sure it was just me feeling that way, but it really kind of sucked. Somehow nobody wanted to talk to me today except for one person (welcome to the very uncertain life of an exchange student...or any teenager for that matter) least that's what it felt like. Oh well, I'm hoping next week will be back to normal.

Also, I really feel like just hopping on a train and going somewhere. This is not related to today's school weirdness. Sometimes I just get Wanderlust...even at home I often felt like I just wanted to keep driving down the highway and see where it took me. Of course that never happened. I always had too much to do. Here I have no car, so the train is the next best thing...but yeah that never seems to happen (so no worries Mom and Dad, I'm here in my little town) and somehow the only places I've traveled a are London and Bonn (for a class trip and Mid-Year).  I want to travel like the other exchange students. I haven't even been shopping since London (beginning of September). Withdrawal.

Well I feel like this post is long enough and filled with too much randomness already, so I'm gonna go.

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