Thursday, December 19, 2013

2 day posts


I had the first two periods free, then school for four. Not so bad! The last period we didn't do anything anyway. After that I rode my bike home with Rebekka and we ate lunch. Later on I went to practice, which turned out to be pretty good. I learned new skills for beam (back handspring step out, back tuck connection) which was great. I also did some floor and conditioning. I came home, ate half of an avocado with chili pepper seasoning and watched Footloose (2011) with my host family.
After that I just took a shower and hopped in bed.


I only had one period of school (5th) so I biked to school in the rain, just to find out we'd be playing Taboo. My teacher being who he is, chose me to explain to my partner the words...It was interesting....and the words chosen were pretty hilarious. Yeah. Now I'm waiting for everyone to get home so we can eat lunch, and after that I'll be going to watch the dodgeball tournament at school between the 12th grade PE classes. One friend said I should play, too, but I think I'll just provide support. I'm actually really good at dodgeball, considering I'm good at dodging the balls and have a good throwing arm, but I'm just not in the mood today. We'll see what happens. :)

So the dodgeball tournament went pretty well. I ended up filming some of it for our grade's Chaos Week. When Rebekka and I got home, I met her sister Anne and her friend, and we went to buy a Christmas tree!! We then decorated it really nicely and are now watching TV together.

Bye loves!

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