Monday, December 2, 2013


So today was average....except I had four free periods at school and one 45-minute period....yeah there was a lot of boredom today.

After "school" I went and tutored a couple of kids in English at the Hauptschule...then I went to the bank, came back and filmed a video. I'll see if it's worth editing and then maybe do that tonight.

After that I started watching Youtube and stuff...a lot of what I watched was how to get perfect lighting for your videos, since mine tends to vary, considering I have to resort to outside light. It would be nice not to have to film always during the day (for fear of turning yellow and having harsh lighting accentuate literally EVERYTHING *shudder*), but I'll probably wait until I'm back in the USA - I don't feel like dragging lighting equipment with me everywhere I go.

Yep. That was pretty much my day....

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