Sunday, December 8, 2013

2nd Advent Sunday

Well it's the end of another day. Following yesterday's insanely personal post, tonight is going to be more general...

It's Sunday in Germany. That means everything is closed. While it kind of gets on my nerves because I can't go anywhere or do anything outside the house (the American in me talking), it's kind of nice to have a day that's really meant for relaxation. I'm told that back in the day, America did the same. Sunday was all about family and rest, but over the years it's been taken over by consumerism and the need to have everything at one's disposal all the time. Oh well, it's a cultural thing.

So, staying true to the German idea of Sundays, I stayed at home and did nothing. Okay, I kind of went Christmas-crazy, now that Netflix has it's Holidy Favorites category again...but yeah.

I now really want some candy canes.

Anyway, that's all for today! And if my German friends have any idea where to buy candy canes, let me know! ;)
Bye everyone!

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