Saturday, December 21, 2013


I had school for the first two periods yesterday, since they let everyone out after fourth and I have third and fourth free. We ended up watching a movie in History (Geschichte LK) about the protests against communism and the building of the Berlin's pretty intense but also good. I'm not exactly sure what it's called. I then went to DM to buy a Wichtelgeschenk, which is like Dirty Santa. We're playing that with the entire family tomorrow (we are also cooking a HUGE dinner for everyone)...should be fun! Later on I went to Ahaus with Rebekka and Anne (her sister) to get Rebekka's ticket to Sachsen...then went home, where Anne dyed Rebekka's hair...I joined them in the bathroom because I was bored. After that Anne and I went to eat a Döner. Yummm! I then went with Anne and her friends to Ahaus with them because they wanted McDonald's....on the way a tire popped. We ended up waiting for an hour for ADAC. The guy showed up, replaced the tire, we drove around a little and noticed something else was wrong. So we went back and luckily he was still there, so he fixed that. Then we ended up just going home because we were all too tired to hang out or go to McDonald's...I then went to sleep.

I had morning practice from 9:30 to 12. It went alright, but it wasn't my best day. Then I went grocery shopping with the family for our dinner tomorrow. After that we went home, ate some Maultaschen soup and I hopped in the shower. Now I'm writing this! I have yet to figure out what to do today but once I've lived it I'll post it as an edit in this blog post.

Edit: So after that post I ended up doing more college application stuff. I then went downstairs and watched a movie. I had yogurt and granola for dinner, and tea....I'm also getting sick. Blah. My nose has been runny all day and it's not pleasant at all. So for tonight it looks like I'll continue to drink tea and watch movies.

See you later!

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