Thursday, December 12, 2013

TWO DAYS, ONE POST (Revolutionary thinking, right?)

So I was way too tired yesterday and forgot to post. But hey, I'm doing pretty good so far!
Yesterday: I went to school, had the first two periods free (like every Wednesday), had English, was supposed to have History but since only six of us were there the teacher decided it was pointless (yay for us), spent that hour at school, and went home after the fifth period instead of sixth, since I didn't have German because they were all writing their Klausur. Other than that not much exciting happened...

Today I had a long day.
It was my last day of having to wait for the bus in the cold, and I'm so glad that's over.
I had Math the first two periods - went well...It really is all just review of everything I learned in IB Math SL and all that good stuff, so I'm able to answer pretty much all the questions. Then I had 3rd and 4th free...I hung out with some other free period-ers. 5th period I had Sozialwissenschaften, which is a bit like Civ and Econ, just about Germany. He had us do this fun activity: we had to write down the plan of what was going to happen every year for the next twenty years of our lives (realistic). He then paired us up - I got put up with one of the guys because the teacher thought it would be funny to see what happened (and where we would end up living), to be "married." We had to compare our lives and change it so it was compatible. I still got all of my wishes because he was planning on going to America (at least for a while) anyway. PLOT TWIST: the teacher started giving out strips of paper with situations on them that were supposed to interfere with our plans. He would tell you at what age it would happen, too, to give it a little variety. We then had to plan our lives accordingly and figure out a solution. Then he'd give out the next piece of paper, and so on.
Our situations:
1. You unexpectedly become a mother/father at 18.
2. The child has Down-Syndrome.
3. Your failed investments cost you 80000 euros (age 21).
4. You unexpectedly become a mother/father at 25.
5. One of you (him) has an accident leaving you unable to work.
6. You are offered a management position but you would have to move to Kirgistan, Russia.
7. You are offered a job as a TV-Show Moderator.
8. You win 200000 euros in the lottery.

It was interesting, but I ended up coming out with my own TV Talk Show three years before I had scheduled it on my 20-year plan. We did end up giving the first kid up for adoption...we weren't ready. And we turned down the job offer in Russia because by then I already had my own cosmetics line.

I then had 6th, lunch, 7th, and 8th free...but 7th and 8th I went to Adriana's house to chill. It was really nice and she gave me a chocolate St. Nick. (Thank you!!)

9th and 10th I had Deutsch...we talked about Hiob, and one of my classmates decided it would be fun, while talking about the American Dream, to volunteer me to answer the question. Thaaaaanks dude. Oh well, I still think I answered it pretty well. I think for the first time the entire room was listening to an answer in that class. I'm pretty sure they were all eager to hear what I had to say about the American Dream...I later thanked him in a very sarcastic manner and am proud to announce my sarcasm worked!! For any of you other exchangers, you know American sarcasm doesn't really work on Germans. Just a different sense of humor, which is why him recognizing it makes me very happy.

After that I went home, made dinner, and am now writing this blog post. Next I'll be packing stuff up and talking to people.

Bye guys!

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