Monday, January 20, 2014

Skipping the boring bits and new good habits

I'm just going to skip over the boring stuff like school because really, who cares?

New Year's Resolutions.....??? (Okay not really, since I want to be healthier and I'm determined to keep this up as a lifestyle, not just something that lasts a few weeks like most NYRs)
I started making sure I keep up with my exercise at least 1-1.5 hours every day/every other day plus gymnastics practice, of course.
I started making sure to drink at least 1 large bottle of water a day (1.5 L).
I am limiting the amount of carbs I consume and want to work on completely eliminating sugar from my diet...that means cooking sugar free, low carb meals for myself (since I have control of that two meals a day)
Rather than spending the day on the computer (this year I have successfully cut out TV, but my computer habits are still pretty bad) I would like to spend it doing more productive, mentall engaging activities (working on videos and stuff like that)
If I find any other ways to be healthy, I am determined to give them a try.

Last week I went back to school. The medicine worked and I am bronchitis-free. I started my daily exercise on Wednesday. Friday I went over to my friend's house to help him edit a video for school. He then generously brought me to practice :). Saturday I helped my host sister with her Au Pair application (today her counselor told her it turned out really well). We also went to a Zumba party for 10 was 2 hours long and the money goes to Little Big World, an organization that helps third world countries get the resources they need, like clean drinking water and sufficient food. The profit from the Zumba party will go to help a small village in India (approx. 2,000 people) build a well for clean drinking water. I'll post the link down below. After that we went to have a girls' night at our friend's house. We ate (healthy), sat, and chatted and went home around midnight. This week (Thursday) I will be traveling to a town near Bonn for our Mid-Year Seminar...sadly I'll be missing Anne and Leandra's birthday party on Saturday but seeing everyone from CIEE is going to be great!

Little Big World (yes, the page is in German, but you can use a translator to try to read it, if you want):

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