Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mid-Year Seminar

So Thursday Adriana and I packed our bags (yes, we procrastinated until the morning of) and headed off to Bocholt to catch our train at 12:30 PM. We got there just after 4pm with a few others from the group and walked to the youth hostel.
There we were greeted by the teamers and all the others who arrived. We ate dinner and then had our first seminar of the weekend :) It was great to sing Fi-Fi-Fo again.
After that we had some free time so a few went out to go see what was open in town (not much on a Thursday evening)...it was a long walk in the rain. Meanwhile others went to McDonald's and stuff...everyone was just kind of all over the place. At 12 AM we got back and I went to bed.
Waking up the next morning, I ate breakfast a little before 8 AM and then we had seminars for the first half of the day. After lunch we hopped on the train and went to Bonn. We visited the House of History (of Germany) and had a tour lasting 1.5 hours. It was basically everything from WW2 until today, so we already covered most of that in my History LK class...It was really interesting, considering I love history. We were then granted free time. A group of us went off to find food. We ate at this really cool modern place with sandwiches, salads, soups, curries, and smoothies (vegan stuff, tofu, etc.).. Our server happened to be from England, so we got to order in English (not that it's hard in German, but it was cool) and talk to him a little bit. I ordered the most delicious Red Thai Tofu-Curry, leave the rice and add some salad (since I'm off carbs now). It was soooooo good!!! Like, if you haven't been there you need to go. The place was called dean&david so check it out. After that we went and bought me some nuts, visited the church (because who can't help but walk into a beautiful huge cathedral when they see one??) and walked down some lighted street/lawn to a beautiful building at the end to chill. After that we went to a bar and I ate some mozzarella/tomato/basil with Mackenzie. Then we got back on the train and headed home. I basically went straight to bed because I was so tired.
Saturday I once again got up bright and early, got ready, and left for breakfast before my roommates were even awake. I prefer waking up the earliest because I like having some time to myself to get ready without haste. We had seminars and small group, and took a walk to the old inner city (protected by an medieval wall and tower and filled with "Puzzle houses" as we call them in my family). Of course we walked straight into the church there (the medieval stained glass windows were breathtaking) since we only had 15 minutes. Anne said, "It makes me want to never sin again." Very true. When you walked in, there was just this atmosphere inside...I can't describe it but she did, and very accurately as well. After that we had seminars, dinner, performed our skits (I played a shower and sauna door) and went to the bar together. Around 11 PM a few of us sober people walked back in the rain. We got into our PJs and went to the couches to chill and talk...once the drunk ones came and started to sit down and be loud I went to bed (only to be woken up again around 3:30 AM by a very...umm...interesting story being told to my roommates).
Sunday I got up early again, one of the few who woke up without a hangover and went to breakfast. I was so happy to see the kitchen finally cooked something I could eat (aside from tomatoes and cucumber slices). I had those too, but this time with a couple of really yummy eggs. I then packed my bags, and since I had time, I cleaned up the Plenum (candy wrappers, papers, etc.) so that the Teamers wouldn't have to do so much. We then had a seminar, small group time, and lunch. After that we left on the train to go back home. That evening Adriana's boyfriend picked us up and we headed back to Vreden.

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