Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everyone!

So Mid-Year rolled around, and I realized I only have less than 5 months left here in Germany...


So I decided that once my year is up, I am going to continue blogging. Not about my everyday life (because that will probably just go back to being boring) unless there's something really funny or exciting happening that I really want to share. I haven't decided yet what I want to blog about (could be food, health, beauty/fashion...IDK) but I know I enjoy blogging and writing and I want to continue that.

Here's to what's happening at this moment (or right after I post this blog).

I am revamping my blog. I feel like this year has changed me and I know who I am and what I like way better than I did before. Don't ask me how moving to Germany influenced my personal style, because I don't know the answer to that question. It just did. So I'm making my blog more "me." "Me" is basically the equivalent purple, pink, blue, taupe and cream...and florals, lace, ribbons and pearls. So super girly-girl. Yes, I'm admitting it. But it's in a sophisticated way, not little-girlish. I'm talking classy, vintage and stuff. Kind of French/English-countryside shabby-chic inspired. So yes, I know exactly what my style is. Which is perfect because once I get home I want to revamp my room as well (especially with the new bed and floors, which I'm super excited to see!!). But while I'm in Germany I obviously can't do that. So I started with my computer. My desktop background, Twitter background, and now my blog.

Hope you like it!!

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